Different Types Of Social Media Marketing

We’ll discuss in this blog the different types of social media marketing and how it works.

What’s Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the most low-cost and effective way to hit the target market, regardless of your business type.

  • Social Media Marketing refers to the process of obtaining traffic or an audience via social media channels or sites. Social media marketing includes the use of social platforms as channels for brand promotion, target audience widening, driving more website traffic, and enlarging sales. Social platforms are the center of Social Media Marketing.

Types of Social Media Marketing: 

1- Social Networking Sites

  • The term “Social Network” is synonymous with Facebook, although the big picture concept applies to the most major social sites.
  • the objective of social networking is to give users a platform to connect with each other. One of the various types of social media, networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn represents a huge support for modern marketers. After all, these sites put marketers on a level playing field with their customers, and lead when it comes to networking. 

Social networking sites encourage users to: 

  • Post, share and engage with each other, from blog posts to infographics, and any type of content.
  • Directly connect with others. As friends or fans, an engaged social following signals hit for marketers and brands alike.
  • Form communities and discuss related news in those communities. 

2- Image Sharing & Messaging Sites

  • We currently board an era of digital marketing dominated by visual content. Visual content on social media receives more engagement than written content. Visual assets have also become a top priority for contemporary brands. As a result, new styles of social media based totally on images have emerged. Image-sharing platforms like Instagram and visual messaging apps like Snapchat and Tiktok exploded in popularity in recent years.

Why are image-based social media platforms important?

The answer is straightforward, those sites for starters:

  • Represent prime places to curate and promote user generated content via branded hashtags.
  • Allow brands and users alike to point out product photos without coming off as a used car salesman.
  • Provide users a way needed to break from traditional blogs and lengthy written content.

3- Video Sharing Sites

  • Video providing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo aid creators put together content and share it to a platform enhanced for streaming. This availability makes video a super essential medium.

Use video hosting sites for:

  • Sharing remarkable content: It’s a clear point, but creators can use YouTube to establish communities and get their content out there.
  • Engage: YouTube’s comment section offers many opportunities to let you know the people watching your content.

4-  Social blogs

  • Sometimes an image or post isn’t enough for the message you’ve got to share, but not everyone on the internet wants to run a blog from a self-hosted website, because that’s a lot of work to do.
  • Shared blogging platforms such as Medium and Tumblr provide people a space to convey and communicate their thoughts and help connect them with readers.
  • These community blog sites give an audience while allowing space for customization and self expression. 

Use them to:

  • Evolve your voice: starting a blog can be intimidating. Use platforms such as Medium and Tumblr to figure out your voice, grasp some readers, and be clear about your vision.
  • Syndicate content: If you own a blog, you can use community blogging platforms to share, re-purpose, and re-post older content and reveal it to a new audience.

5- Discussion sites

  • Most of us have seen a heated discussion on Facebook, discussion sites like Reddit and Quora are specifically designed to glimmer a conversation. Everyone is free to ask a question or make a statement, and this grasps people with shared interests and curiosities. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, users are likely to give out less identifiable information.

How can these platforms assist your business?

Research: Reddit is made up of different sub-communities. With research, 

  • you can detect and engage people in your field, discover what they’re           
  • asking, and use this as a starting point for your content marketing strategy.
  • Answer questions: Quora users ask all kinds of questions. Answering them       
  • can assist in building yourself as a thought leader and drive more traffic to your site.

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