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How You Can Sell On Amazon?

What is the best way to sell on Amazon?

Optimize product details for search:

  • The challenge for Amazon sellers is making sure your products appear at the top of their product searches. So that it tops the search results, so it is important to determine the content of your products accurately and carefully.
  • Amazon uses your product information and details to match customer searches to your items. Therefore, it is important that you provide accurate information about an Amazon product, and as much of this information as possible.
  • This includes the product title, description, product identifiers, search terms, size, color, etc. This is how customers find your products and know they are buying the right thing.
  • Managing all your product information can be stressful. There are many things that go into organizing and improving your product descriptions. Therefore, AEG provides you with an integrated and professional management of your store and products to ensure that they reach the first search pages.

Take professional product photos

  • When buying online, it is crucial that customers can actually see what they are buying. Sellers must have several recent photos to display the items they are selling from all sides. Beautiful photos taken years ago with a cell phone will no longer be useful.
    Professional photos help build trust with your customers. They will know that you are a professional seller they can count on to deliver the products they want.
  • AEG provides professional photographers to photograph your product from all sides in the highest quality and in the finest detail to ensure your products are best visible to a potential audience.

Constantly improve your performance

  • You will not run your Amazon business yourself. If you are serious about selling large amounts of your items, you will need to monitor your performance regularly. This way, you can continually improve your efforts.
  • Pay attention to your sales (increasing and decreasing), rate of return, and seller rating. All of these things are important in determining your current position, the possibility of competition, and improving performance. We provide you with data analysis and monitoring service, as well as customer data analysis, which provides weekly reports to make a professional plan to significantly improve performance during a specified period of time.

Amazon PPC Ad Types:

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product ads are pay-per-click advertising campaigns that are the most like the general PPC ads you would run in Google or Bing. This type of ad uses keyword and product targeting to advertise specific, individual products and appear alongside other products on the search results page or in a carousel on a product detail page.

    Like other forms of online advertising, Sponsored Product ads use 3 different keyword match types to tie the keywords you bid on to a user’s search query.


Broad Match:

  • This match type allows for the most traffic and exposure. A customer’s search term must contain your keywords or synonyms for your keywords. These keywords can be anywhere in the searcher’s query, allowing for other words before, after, or in between the key phrase.
    Keyword example: beard oil
  • Search query match:

serum for beards online
Phrase Match: A customer’s search term must contain your keywords in sequence but allows for other words to appear before or after the phrase.
Keyword example: “beard comb”
Search query match: new beard comb for sale.

Exact Match:

  • A customer’s search query must exactly match your keyword in order for your ad to be shown. It is the most narrow type of keyword targeting available but also is more likely to be the most relevant to a shopper.
    Keyword example: [ oil]
    Search query match: oil
    Negative Keywords: These are words you do not want to bid or appear anywhere in the search queries that serve your ads.

Are you ready for entering your business in the
e-commerce world? Contact us for getting the efficient consultancy from our e-commerce expertise.

Amazon Management Services

Navigate our amazon service for your business development:

1- Amazon Store Setup Services:

  • Your Amazon store can expose your digital store to a larger audience. But this feature can only be taken advantage of through a distinct and simple design. Don’t worry here we can help! Our experts can create Amazon storefront skins that provide an excellent user experience and better showcase your brand on the Internet. So that we can increase your store visits.

2- Amazon Store Product Listing:

  • The list of products in your Amazon store is different from a normal Amazon seller account. As the products are arranged and collected in a similar way to e-commerce sites by means of a product catalog and we, as experts in managing the Amazon store, we can handle the lifting and adding of products with updating available quantities and also writing description and addresses The products are accurate and professional.

3- Amazon ads Management:

  • Amazon ads Management While it is possible for each seller to handle the marketing on their own, most would prefer it to be done by Amazon. So that Amazon provides a large base for spread and the possibility of providing large visits to your store, through the advertising campaigns displayed or the issuance of search results. But beware of dealing with ads without analytics data, as it can be considered disastrous for your brand. Hence, AEG provides professional solutions for data analysis and advertising management.

4- Amazon Store Management:

  • Amazon offers the privilege of editing and updating store pages at any time. To get the best use of this feature, AEG provides a management service and periodically update your store so that experts in Amazon management will update the content of your store as well as the way to write a description of your products.

– Advantages and disadvantages of amazon services:

1-Huge traffic in the Amazon:

  • Amazon’s market share occupies a huge market in the Egyptian market, accounting for more than 60%. This allows sellers to reach a large number of potential customers for their products, no matter how specialized this category is. Amazon has more than 3 million visits per month.

2-Huge scale – feature:

  • Amazon Consumer Confidence Amazon is the most trusted brand . Consumers trust Amazon even if they don’t know which third seller is selling it. Because of their knowledge of Amazon and its massive reach, most consumers already have an account with Amazon, have an address book and payment methods stored and are comfortable with the payment process. All of this increases the likelihood that a customer considering a product will continue to buy it on Amazon, compared to a seller’s website.

4- Amazon competition:

  • There’s high competition in selling products through amazon. As you can find huge number of competitors selling the same products with lower cost as well as the ultimate competitor is amazon itself.

Are you ready for entering your business in the e-commerce world?

  • Contact us for getting the efficient consultancy from our e-commerce expertise.

E-commerce marketing in Egypt has an important impact on your business. In this blog we will mention the new amazon management services, its advantages and disadvantages for making the right decision for your business.

What is digital marketing? | The complete guide for 2022

Essential SEO Checklist

Buy a custom domain:

  • Register a custom domain name. Your site needs its own domain to be successful in search. It also builds trust with potential visitors when they click on search engines. It is also unforgettable. Choosing a domain name related to your industry helps you rank higher for relevant keywords.
  • Stuck in a domain name? Try go Daddy’s domain name generator. Simply enter your ideal brand or domain name and get ideas available for purchase.

Set up Google Analytics:

  • Create your Google Analytics account. Head over to Google Analytics and click Get started for free. Follow the instructions to set up a site and set up a tracking code so that Google can collect your website data
  • Create a Universal Analytics property. Next, you will need to connect Google Analytics to your website. Start by creating a Universal Analytics property. Enable visit tracking which provides more information about visitor behavior.
  • Learn how to set this up by reading Setting up Google Analytics in the Google Help Center.

Set up Google Search Console:

  • Submit your sitemap to Google through the Webmaster Tools account you just created. Create a sitemap file, which lists the individual pages of your website. The sitemap tells Google and other search engines about the organization of your site. If you are interested, you can access your sitemaps at [www.yourstore.com/sitemap.xml].
  • Use Google Webmaster Tools to check for any crawl errors. Search engines index websites through robots that “crawl” a website and its pages. A crawl error occurs when a bot tries to access a specific page (or site) but fails. If you are alerted about any errors, work to fix them immediately.
  • Verify your ownership of the site Third-party services such as Google Webmaster require verification of your domain. This ensures that you are the correct owner of your website before it provides services to you. Learn how to verify your domain to use Google services

Set up Bing Webmaster Tools:

  • Create a Bing Webmaster Tools account. Bing is the second largest search engine in the United States. Bing Webmaster Tools is a free service from Microsoft that allows you to add your store to the Bing crawler. Once added, you will appear in the search engine. Open a free Bing Webmaster account by going to the registration page, then add and verify your website.
  • Read our Bing Webmaster Tools Getting Started Checklist to learn more.
  • It is also important to remove password protection on your pages, even if you are still working on some of them. Unlock the final pages so Google can start crawling and indexing your site.

Page improvements:

  • Make sure you only use one H1 tag on your pages. H1 (Header 1) tags are often used as the title of the main page and usually contain the main keywords of the page. Note that headlines are the default H1 tag for pages created through the dashboard. Avoid manually adding the H1 tag anywhere else on the page.

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