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Navigate our amazon service for your business development:

1- Amazon Store Setup Services:

  • Your Amazon store can expose your digital store to a larger audience. But this feature can only be taken advantage of through a distinct and simple design. Don’t worry here we can help! Our experts can create Amazon storefront skins that provide an excellent user experience and better showcase your brand on the Internet. So that we can increase your store visits.

2- Amazon Store Product Listing:

  • The list of products in your Amazon store is different from a normal Amazon seller account. As the products are arranged and collected in a similar way to e-commerce sites by means of a product catalog and we, as experts in managing the Amazon store, we can handle the lifting and adding of products with updating available quantities and also writing description and addresses The products are accurate and professional.

3- Amazon ads Management:

  • Amazon ads Management While it is possible for each seller to handle the marketing on their own, most would prefer it to be done by Amazon. So that Amazon provides a large base for spread and the possibility of providing large visits to your store, through the advertising campaigns displayed or the issuance of search results. But beware of dealing with ads without analytics data, as it can be considered disastrous for your brand. Hence, AEG provides professional solutions for data analysis and advertising management.

4- Amazon Store Management:

  • Amazon offers the privilege of editing and updating store pages at any time. To get the best use of this feature, AEG provides a management service and periodically update your store so that experts in Amazon management will update the content of your store as well as the way to write a description of your products.

– Advantages and disadvantages of amazon services:

1-Huge traffic in the Amazon:

  • Amazon’s market share occupies a huge market in the Egyptian market, accounting for more than 60%. This allows sellers to reach a large number of potential customers for their products, no matter how specialized this category is. Amazon has more than 3 million visits per month.

2-Huge scale – feature:

  • Amazon Consumer Confidence Amazon is the most trusted brand . Consumers trust Amazon even if they don’t know which third seller is selling it. Because of their knowledge of Amazon and its massive reach, most consumers already have an account with Amazon, have an address book and payment methods stored and are comfortable with the payment process. All of this increases the likelihood that a customer considering a product will continue to buy it on Amazon, compared to a seller’s website.

4- Amazon competition:

  • There’s high competition in selling products through amazon. As you can find huge number of competitors selling the same products with lower cost as well as the ultimate competitor is amazon itself.

Are you ready for entering your business in the e-commerce world?

  • Contact us for getting the efficient consultancy from our e-commerce expertise.

E-commerce marketing in Egypt has an important impact on your business. In this blog we will mention the new amazon management services, its advantages and disadvantages for making the right decision for your business.